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Kibun Foods (U.S.A.),Inc.[アメリカ]

Our main products Healthy Noodle

Our main products Healthy Noodle

Our main products Crab-flavored seafood

Our main products Crab-flavored seafood

Masaki Honma
Sales of Kibun-brand processed fish products and processed meat and agricultural products in the United States, and the local procurement of surimi in the United States for export and sale to Japan.
Head Office
2101 Fourth Avenue, Suite 1700 Seattle, WA98121 U.S.A.

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Kibun Group list

Domestic foods※1
Overseas foods※2
  • Kibun Foods (U.S.A.),Inc.[U.S.A.]
  • Kibun (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.[Thailand]
  • Kibun Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.[Hong Kong]
  • Kibun Foods Singapore Pte.,Ltd.[Singapore]
  • Kibun Korea Inc.[South Korea]
  • Kibun Europe B.V.[Netherlands]
  • Kibun China Co.,Ltd.[P.R.C.]
  • Yilin Kibun Corporation[Taiwan]
  • Pulmuone-Kibun Co.,Ltd.[South Korea]
Food-related businesses※3

※1:In Japan, we manufacture and sell food products, such as fish paste-based products, side dishes, and marine delicacies. As well, we import/export, purchase, and sell marine products, such as surimi (fish paste), agricultural, livestock, and fish paste-based products.

※2:Overseas, we manufacture and sell food products, such as fish paste products, as well as import/export, purchase, and sell agricultural, livestock and marine products, such as fish paste-based products and surimi.

※3:Our main food-related business is the logistics operations of Kibun Fresh System Co., Ltd., a Kibun subsidiary, that also has information systems and reliable delivery to customers of the Kibun Group. We also provide logistics services for companies outside the Group by employing shared delivery and other systems. Other businesses include office services, restaurants, advertising/promotion, and entrusted inspection for food safety and hygiene. We focus as well on external sales of other businesses by using the know-how cultivated within the Group.

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