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Providing safe food that brings peace of mind

Ensuring food safety and customer confidence with comprehensive hygienic management

Kibun's approach to quality assurance

  • Odor testing of products and ingredients

    Inputting of data into the quality control system

  • Yaki-Chikuwa (surimi fish paste grilled wrapped around a spit) with a reputation for its wholesome taste

    Staff at the center carry out careful quality assurance inspections.

Kibun has strengthened its production controls and quality and hygienic management, making safety the highest priority so that customers can enjoy Kibun products with peace of mind.
"When in doubt, do not purchase the stock, do not produce, do not ship, and do not sell." Based on the manufacturing philosophy of Kibun, we have instilled an awareness of food safety in each and every employee.

Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

The Kibun Foods Safety Center Inc., established in 2016, conducts inspection, analysis and consulting on quality and hygiene in the Kibun Group. This structure helps Kibun to meet the rising expectations of customers in terms of food safety and peace of mind.

Quality and hygienic management

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system has been introduced at all factories of Kibun Foods and Nishi Nihon Kibun Foods, resulting in ISO 22000 certification for the Company’s food safety management system.
Kibun’s Tokyo Factory, Yokohama Factory and Okayama Soja Factory have also received accreditation from the United States and European Union as facilities exporting food to those destinations.

  • Metal detectors are installed on all lines based on hazard analysis.

  • Comprehensive quality management activities take place every day, without fall

Factory quality management

Quality inspection room

In a product quality control office at each factory, Kibun inspects the quality of all products, and checks and confirms the product line each day. As an example, in our specimen laboratories we test the preservation of each product that is stored to check the expiration date. In addition, we conduct a range of tests on each product on the production line as part of food safety and quality control.

Factory hygiene management

Employees must pass
through an air shower to
reach the production floor

Each factory conducts hygiene management from a number of perspectives, including the flow of goods and the flow lines of people, in accordance with HACCP certification. Inside the production space, hygiene areas are split into zones, with a management system set up for each. Thorough efforts are made with regard to hygiene management at each location, such as controlling the admission of workers so that dust, hair, bacteria and other items do not enter the production space, and installing equipment that supplies clean air.