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In alphabetical order

  • Chee Chiku _ broiled surimi fish paste with cheese
    Chee Chiku
    Chikuwa tubes with a Camembert-like cheese filling.
  • Chikuwa _ broiled surimi fish paste
    Surimi fish paste grilled wrapped around a spit.
  • Crab-flavored seafood _ crab-flavored surimi fish paste
    Crab-flavored seafood
    Surimi fish paste flavored and shaped to resemble crab meat.
  • Date-maki _ baked surimi fish paste containing egg
    Grilled surimi fish paste mixed with egg and flavorings such as sugar.
  • Gas Cogeneration System _ Combined Heat and Power System, CHP
    Gas Cogeneration System
    This is a distributed energy system using natural gas or other fuel to generate power by means of an engine, turbine, fuel cell, or other method, using the resultant waste heat as steam or hot water to supply power simultaneously with the electricity generated.
    This system is environmentally friendly and contributes to power diversification and energy conservation.
  • Hanpen _ boiled surimi fish paste
    Boiled surimi fish paste filled with tiny air bubbles.
  • Kamaboko _ steamed surimi fishpaste
    Loafs of surimi fish paste steamed on small wooden boards until firm.
  • Nabedane _ boiled surimi fish paste
    A steamed blend of surimi fish paste and other ingredients such as shrimp for use in hot pot dishes.
  • Naruto-maki _ steamed surimi fish paste roll
    Boiled surimi fish paste characterized by a spiral pattern on the cross section.
  • Oden _ Hot pot
    A typical Japanese winter dish consisting of ingredients stewed in a soy-flavored Japanese broth.
  • Sasakama _ broiled surimi fish paste
    Grilled surimi fish paste shaped like bamboo leaves.
  • Satsuma-age _ fried surimi fish paste
    Fried fish paste sometimes with other ingredients mixed in.
  • Sugar-Free Noodles _ Noodles made from powdered tofu lees and konjak flour
    Sugar-Free Noodles
    Main ingredient is tofu lees made using our unique soya bean production technology. Tofu lees are mixed with sodium alginate derived from seaweed, which acts as a binder, and konjak flour, to produce a healthy noodle with a wheat-like texture. Safe food product free from preservatives.
    Healthy Noodle was developed especially for people in overseas
  • Suji _ boiled surimi fish paste
    A boiled blend of surimi fish paste and cartilage.
  • Tsumire (fish balls) _ boiled surimi fish paste
    Sardine-based surimi fish paste shaped into balls and boiled.
  • Uogashi-age _ fried surimi fish paste with tofu
    A deep-fried blend of surimi fish paste and tofu.
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